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I grew up drawn to both art and science. In college, I even chose to continue minoring in painting, even as I thought I was going to pursue medical school. This ended up working out well, as I ultimately chose to get my Master of Science in Biomedical Visualization (medical illustration) at UIC in Chicago. This was an amazing experience, and shaped many things about how I thought of both art and communication.

During my years as both a medical illustrator and 3D animator, and then later as a Production Supervisor, I still was drawn to painting and photography outside of the "traditional" fields. I have always been very passionate about animals. And after moving to Tucson, this has only grown and matured. I started volunteering at our local animal shelter, Pima Animal Care Center. And when my health started getting in the way of walking dogs, I started looking for other ways I could still contribute. And my art felt like something I could donate to them.

This has led me to making more friends, learning more about dogs than I ever thought I would, and growing more as a person during a very hard time in my life. Being diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma was not something I ever anticipated. But I feel very lucky to have my fur babies, and my art, to help me through these tough times. I'm currently undergoing immunotherapy for my melanoma. I am very honest about how that has impacted my ability to complete commissions in a timely fashion, and I appreciate everyone's patience and grace during this time.

Above all, I love capturing the soul of your baby. I know how important each piece is to my clients, and I strive to treat each pet portrait that comes my way as if they were my own. Check out the types of commissions and shoot me any questions you may have. I know I can paint something that is exactly what you are looking for.

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