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Pet Portrait - Line Art

Pet Portrait - Line Art

Line art with basic color is a head-focused portrait without complicated color, no shading. It will have refined line work. The product images are examples of potential looks of this style. Yours will of course be custom-based on the photos provided of your pet and information provided to me.


The process:

1. You select the type of pet portrait you prefer.

2. Send me at least one very nice quality image of the pet in question, and I prefer more images to really help me caputure the life of your pet. Unless negotiated to be different, the pose will likely be very similar to one of your preferred images.

2a. If you send me any information about your pet (favorite color, small tidbits of information about them, etc.) it helps me better shape their personality in the artwork. It's also why I really do like more images beyond the one high quality one.

3. I will sketch your pet and send that to you for your approval. This is where you can weigh on any small issues (such as if the eyes should be bigger, or if you remembered that Fang actually always had one ear up and one ear down, or if that charm on the collar was actually very important, etc)

4. Once the sketch is fully approved, I will produce the finished line art. This is the last step to approve the line art. Only minor tweaks can be made here without additional charges.

5. Lastly I will add the color. For the basic line art, this will be minimal, but present. A low quality version is then sent to you for final approval. If the color isn't the right shade, or if I missed an important detail on thet pet, let me know and we can make sure that is included!

6. Once everything has been completed, I will send you a 4K (or higher, if we've dicsused that) digital copy of your pet portrait.


    You will receive two digital files once the commission is complete. The first file is the final, full resolution 4K file. The second is a smaller file that is more suitable for sharing on social media (if you so desire). The files will have no background (unless negotiated) and will be a transparent PNG image so that the client can add any background they desire behind their pet.

    Printing the image is the responsibility of the client. However, by popular request, I have looked into potential places to have your digital file printed. Local printing options vary. A recommended online site for printing has been - results may vary and the client is fully responsible for the print they receive.


    I want you to be as satisfied with your artwork as possible. That is also why I offer as many check-ins during the process as possible. As such, there are different refund levels depending on what point of the commission process we are in.

    Not started: 100% refund available
    Sketch started: 50% refund available
    Line art started: 35% refund availble
    Color started: 10% refund available


    No shipping available, the product will be a digital file(s) only. See product info for printing options.

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