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A fun activity for you and your pet. Starting at $100!! This is if you provide the canvas already painted on by your pet. If you are local to Tucson, AZ and would like to use my supplies and have a guided painting session, prices start at $500.


The process:


1. Paint the portrait with your dog (or cat!) at home. I have a rudimentary guide set up here on my website for some tips! Or contact me to set up the fully guided session.

2. Send me at least one very nice quality image of the pet artist (I prefer more images to really help me caputure the life of your pet).

3. I develop a black and white sketch of your pet and send that to you for your approval. This is where you can weigh on any small issues (such as if the eyes should be bigger, or if you remembered that Fang actually always had one ear up and one ear down, or if that charm on the collar was actually very important, etc). For these, I like to include their name on a charm on the collar. If this isn't wanted, or if a specific charm is preferred, let me know!

4. Once the sketch is fully approved, I will ink the final drawing on the acrylic canvas. There basically isn't any going back here as it's a phyiscal medium, and some details from the digital sketch won't translate 100%, but it's a good blueprint of what you will see overall.

5. Lastly, I'll send your finished canvas back to you!

Pup Paintings - Ink over Acrylic Paint

  • You will receive one final physical canvas once the commission is complete, typically 8x10. I recommend 8x10 as that canvas board will mostly fit into a gallon sized ziplock for the interactive painting portion.

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